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How To Protect Your Web Applications From Security Threats

The Internet is growing at an astounding pace, but that also means that security threats are, too. 

There are a ton of web applications! Instant messaging, webmail and even online retail sales are a few examples. More and more data created means more possibilities of cyber security breaches.

Nobody wants to lose sensitive data to hackers. The buying and selling of personal digital information could cost a company everything.

Protecting Against Security Threats

There are so many different ways could lead to cybersecurity threats. Hackers are always looking for a way in, and that is not going to stop anytime soon. 

Unfortunately, hackers cost more than $445 billion annually. How do you make sure you and your company aren’t adding to that cost? 

There are no bulletproof solutions, but it would be easier to prevent rather than to rebuild! Here are some tips on how to protect your web applications from security threats.

To start, here’s our 2017 checklist for web application security to make sure you’re protected!

Up To Date Software

Updating your web applications can prevent unnecessary break-ins. 

If using third-party software on your website or system, make sure the security patches are updated daily. Small occurrences can lead to big problems. A good way of doing this is to apply to be on an application’s mailing list. 

Update Your Passwords

Many web applications will force you to change your passwords. A password can be easily gained, so it is important to always keep changing them. 

Using a strong password can be beneficial. Also, changing them often can prevent your web applications from security threats!


A common mistake is to think firewalls are the only cybersecurity tool. While firewalls are a great security threat tool, they are not the only protection. 

For more information, here are  7 myths about web application firewalls

User Inputs

69% of the public use social media or websites like them. Will all the different bots, it makes hacking way easier when being careless. 

Most websites require personal data to be entered and that should be an instant alarm. User inputs are an easy way for someone to gain access to a larger database. Auto-fill on websites a lazy way for users to give access to security threats.

Users can compromise the system by being careless with what they share. Ransomware can make it’s way to you through user inputs and file uploading. Be careful with attachments and even user uploads! Some can contain malware or other security threats.

Employee Awareness

Employees can make mistakes. Taking preventative steps to ensure protection is key! Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, bots, phishing, are topics employees should know. 

Teaching employees what to avoid can be a big step in cutting the problems out before they happen.

How We Can Help

The Driz Group is a fully managed risk mitigation for your business. 

We understand that you need a service that is all-encompassing. We offer guaranteed web application security along with 24/7 DDoS protection.

We also understand that security threats can happen at any moment. That’s why we offer a 24/7 Emergency Service team!

Schedule a web application firewall demo that will include:

  • Managed web application firewall (WAF) overview
  • Key features and capabilities
  • OWASP Top-10 overview
  • DDoS protection overview
  • Packages and pricing options

Want more cybersecurity tips? Check out our blog to learn how you can protect your web applications!