DDoS Protection & Web Application Security

No Hardware. No Software. No Maintenance.
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Guaranteed DDoS Protection & Web Application Security

Nothing to buy, maintain, upgrade or monitor.

Thanks to The Driz Group proactive website and web application monitoring, we were alerted immediately when our website was under attack. This occurrence helped us realize that our organization would benefit from a fully-managed monitoring and website protection service allowing us to concentrate on the core business. Without a business relationship with The Driz Group, it would be difficult if not impossible to detect information security issues and address it timely without business interruption. The solutions are truly affordable for organizations of virtually any size and we would highly recommend it.

Jim Dimovski

CAO, Lannick Group

Instant DDoS Mitigation WebShield Plus™

Guaranteed denial of service attack mitigation.


Effortless deployment.

Get up and running in minutes.

Enterprise-grade security.

Highly scalable for any size business.

100% availability.

No downtime or interraptions.

No hardware or software.

No upfront costs or IT time.

High-powered global CDN.

Your web applications 50% faster.

PCI 6.6 compliance.

Off the shelf compliance.

Industry-leading technology.

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant leader.


Fully managed.

Concentrate on your core business.

Guaranteed DDoS protection.

DDoS mitigation in 10-seconds.

A Different Kind of Cybersecurity Partner for Web Application Security

Fully-managed web application firewall (WAF) & impenetrable anti-DDoS protection.

Proactive defence

Don’t wait until your corporate website or web application you use to connect with your customers and partners is hacked by cybercriminals, and your sensitive information is stolen, published online or sold to third-parties. Taking proactive approach will give you peace of mind, as you’ll know that your brand and your digital assets are well protected. Virtual patching is here to help you solve the complexities around the vulnerable web application since the most software will always have vulnerabilities.

No upfront investment

With our DDoS Protection Service, you don’t have to buy expensive equipment that would require constant support and IT resources. Fully-managed web application security and cybersecurity services are what we do best.Your websites and web applications will be monitored and protected using best in breed anti-DDoS and Web Application Firewall technologies 24/7/365.

The expertise you need

We will secure your applications and data as we helped many other organizations across multiple industries. Connect with us today, learn more about our unique value proposition, and our team will do the rest. While we secure and monitor your websites and web applications, you will be able to concentrate on acquiring more business. Become and remain compliant following your industry standards, all while leapfrogging your competition.

No pressure on IT

Our team will work as an extension of your team helping you achieve information and cybersecurity goals. Years of experience and deep understanding of cybersecurity and compliance requirements help us guide you without adding pressure to your internal resources. We will deliver personalized services relevant your business and your industry.

Guarantees you can trust

We guarantee that you will feel like our only client based on the impeccable customer service quality record, and guaranteed response time.

Looking for DDoS Protection ROI?

Understand the Cost and Probability of a DDoS Attack.

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Fully-Managed Features – WebShield Plus™

24/7 Monitoring

Added Features
Web application security monitoring and security infrastructure management require significant resources and can be costly for any size organization. Fully-managed service, among other features, includes 24/7 monitoring and management by security experts. We free up your IT resources to performed other critical tasks.

Assisted Configuration

When enrolling for Managed Services, we are available for consultation and guidance during the initial setup. Our knowledgeable team is able to provide support for most complex web infrastructure.​

Access to Managed Services Team

All the Driz Group managed service customers are provided access to our managed service team. Our highly adept security engineers work hand-in-hand with you to provide post-sale consultation—including answering questions, building product knowledge and advising on how to fine-tune your system. The team assists you to identify ongoing opportunities in which you can leverage Incapsula technologies to advance your security or performance initiatives.

Threat Assessment

The Driz Group’s Managed Service team is available to help customers review security events launched against their websites.

On-demand Incident Response

Driz Group’s security engineers are available on demand to provide an incident response for our Managed Service customers. By investigating individual security events and combining that knowledge with a deep understanding of our customers’ websites, our security team is able to adaptively tune Incapsula’s settings, delivering optimum website protection without creating false positives.

Priority Support

The requests of our Managed Service customers are placed into a priority queue within the Driz Group support organization. These cases take precedence over other cases in our queue and are addressed first to ensure that they are handled in a swift and efficient manner.

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To reduce the cybersecurity risks, enabling business growth through education and awareness, vulnerability management and the implementation of cutting-edge cyber defence technologies.

Our goal is to make sure that you stop worrying about cybersecurity and concentrate 100% on growing your business.

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