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January 2018 Edition
Considering the number of cybersecurity breaches that continue growing exponentially, every organization must have a complete cybersecurity incident management process, including a formal policy and procedure. Most organizations will also require a formal incident management plan to satisfy either legislative or client specific requirements.

Since many organizations have not yet developed and implemented a formal incident management plan, the following playbook was developed to help businesses manage the process and recover from cybersecurity incidents.

Having a comprehensive incident management policy and procedure will allow you to demonstrate that you are taking risk management very seriously. This way, you will position yourself above your competition by exerting confidence, and will most definitely win more business. You will also avoid costly fines in the event and something happens, and generally, you won’t be faulted as long as you had a documented process and your employees were familiar with it.

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To reduce the cybersecurity risks, enabling business growth through education and awareness, vulnerability management and the implementation of cutting-edge cyber defence technologies.

Our goal is to make sure that you stop worrying about cybersecurity and concentrate 100% on growing your business.

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