Meet the Team

Steve Driz


Steve is a senior Cybersecurity, Information Systems and Technology executive who likes to be involved in solving most challenging cybersecurity, business and technology problems. Over the years, Steve held most senior cybersecurity and compliance, operations and technology related positions contributing to the success of March of Dimes Canada, Toronto Board of Trade, Travel CUTS, Reliance National, and Microsoft Corporation. 

Ilona Fishbein

Vice President, Service Delivery

Ilona brings her legal industry background and technology expertise, exceptional customer service skills, positive attitude and considerable attention to detail. She always over delivers on her promises. Ilona was the heart and soul of many teams across Europe and in Canada. In the recent past, she has supported successful ventures at KRMC, Fireman Lofranco, and Sokoloff Lawyers.

Anastasia Fishbein

Manager, Customer Experience

Anastasia is the heart of the customer success and delivery teams. She is tech-savvy with meticulous attention to detail and a knack modern day project management and Agile methodology. Prior to joining The Driz Group, Anastasia has contributed to the success of various Fintech startups, working closely with the internal R&D and product teams to solve complex search and artificial intelligence problems.

David Skorikov

Vice President, R&D

David is experienced with large-scale web application protection and software development using modern technologies with a career ranging from software engineering to enterprise architecture and cybersecurity and quality assurance and release management. Complete exposure to the full SDLC as Agile methodology expert, with comprehensive engagement in business strategy, code security and vision execution initiatives for our clients.

Protection You Can Count On

Protecting your corporate websites and web applications is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. We will help you mitigate the risks reducing the likelihood of a data breach.

  • Percentage of vulnerable web applications 78% 78%
  • Applications attacked more than once 51% 51%
  • Illegitimate website transactions by “bot” visitors 49% 49%
  • Percentage of bad bot visitors 29% 29%

Web Application Protection

Automated protection, acceleration and 24/7 monitoring of the web applications.

Guaranteed DDoS Protection

Automated denial of service attack mitigation protecting your infrastructure 24/7.

Fast DDoS Mitigation

Under attack? Guaranteed 10-second DDoS attack mitigation saving precious time and money. 

Vulnerability Management

Ongoing vulnerability assessments and management supporting timely identificaiton and remediation of issues.

Penetration Testing

Application and network penetration testing using most stringent attack methods to discover and patch weaknesses.

Code Security

Helping you embed secure coding practices and testing into the exisiting SDLC process.

What are you waiting for?


To reduce the cybersecurity risks, enabling business growth through education and awareness, vulnerability management and the implementation of cutting-edge cyber defence technologies.

Our goal is to make sure that you stop worrying about cybersecurity and concentrate 100% on growing your business.

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